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90 Brothers and Sisters

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A lifetime of rich experience gives Lenore De Pree's writing texture and depth. Born in Chicago, raised in the Appalachian Mountain region of Kentucky where this story takes place, then going on with husband Gordon to spend twenty years in Hong Kong and ten years in Saudi Arabia, Lenore has looked deep into human nature, culture, and the many definitions of love. Mother of four children and grandmother of five, Lenore now lives in the mountains of North Carolina where she and Gordon share a love of art and design.


About Lenore De Pree

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So many worlds, so many circles where lives intersect . . . How can I begin to tell a story that is past when nothing is ever past, but comes around again and catches one at the next turn of the circle? There have been times when I have tried to believe the past was done, that it was forgotten and gone; and then the wheel swings, and there it is again, warm, fresh, laughing, bleeding in my mind.

When it all began, the summer they opened the orphanage in the hills of Kentucky, I was only six. John, my father, and Anna, my mother, were young and deeply committed. I doubt if it ever entered John’s head that what he was about to do was dangerous. Anna might have known. She was a short pretty brown-eyed woman with a hearty laugh and enough common sense for both of them. John was not blessed with common sense, but he was a dreamer of dreams and a seer of visions, a thin intense man with a bush of dark hair, a little mustache, and bright blue eyes behind rimless glasses.


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